3D Animation

Delirium Trailer – UMBC Senior Project, May 2010
Game trailer for a game currently in production by Running Gun Studios
Created with Maya, 3DS, Zbrush, and Unity

Final Project – Art 488 at the University of Maryland Baltimore County, December 2009
Created with Maya and Photoshop, compositing done with After Effects.
World Creation/Narrative

Edo Goes on Vacation
Final Project for Art 484 – Advanced 3D Animation at UMBC
Edo returns from his travel through the forest in Reign of Edo and is just trying to relax on the snowy beaches of the arctic.

Polygonal Head Model Lip Sync
Polygonal head model lip sync project for Art 484 at UMBC. The song is “But I Do Love You” by Leann Rimes. I recorded myself singing it too, but I ultimately went with the original studio recorded version of Leann herself singing it. At a later date I may do another version with myself as the singer.

Aurora Snow Beach
Project for Art 484 – Advanced 3D Animation at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Rendered in Maya 2008, some textures shot by digital camera and edited using Photoshop CS3, some textures created in Photoshop CS3

Blood Lust
Final Project for Intro 3D Animation: Rikki and Fred
Fred has betrayed Rikki. Create a backstory and animate an interaction between them.
Rigged Models provided by UMBC AIM Library

3D Models

R2D2 – recreated from a 2 inch toy model
Still Life – model objects you own and arrange them in a still life configuration
Suitcase – edit UV texture to make the suitcase look old and worn


Reign of Edo
Stop Motion final project for Intro Animation. Group project with 3 others.
Compositing done with Final Cut Pro.