Jenn Dahlke

Baltimore, MD

I am a Digital Specialist with a Bachelor’s degree in Animation and Interactive Media and a background in graphic and web design. At a young age, I taught myself basic HTML and have been increasing my knowledge ever since. During the most recent years, I have taught myself CSS along with some JavaScript, Bootstrap, PHP, and Ruby on Rails.

I taught Beginner Animation at the St. Anne’s School of Annapolis Summer Camp for several years. Those videos can be found here. Recently, I have been doing freelance work under the business name Carbon Saw. My Ruby on Rails experience can be found on GitHub.

I am highly proficient with Microsoft Office and the Adobe Creative Suite products as well as the usage of both Mac and PC platforms. I have experience with the Wordpress CMS and social media, including YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

I can tackle anything I put my mind to and can learn any topic quickly. When given the opportunity, I can thrive in any environment.

I call myself a Digital Specialist because I not only use computers to create and develop, I also do computer repair, tech support, file management, and much more.

"Jenn Dahlke served as our web developer and graphic designer for our newly released website. We are very excited about the new site for its design, styling, functionality and user experience qualities, and had a very good customer service experience with Ms. Dahlke.

She helped identify weaknesses and requirements based on her assessment and our feedback with our existing site, which really helped us clarify the direction we needed to go in with our website to attract talent and build our business.

She offered a balance between leading and guiding the development of the site offering up her own elements for our site, while also incorporating our suggestions and taking our direction on aspects that were important to us. She was very flexible and amenable to our specifications, but also kept us focused on how best to deliver results and providing the foundation to do so effectively.

She communicates effectively, recognizes needs, and was extremely responsive and timely, guiding us through it to reach our deadline and goals."
Jenny M. - Belay Technologies

"I hired Jenn to help me with graphic design for a family history project (250+ pages of text and photos), which had been stalled for more than a year because I had no experience using InDesign. Thanks to Jenn, the project is now complete and I am very satisfied with the finished product. Jenn was responsive, always on time for our meetings, reasonable in her pricing and patient, as she worked with me through lots of revisions, edits and tweaking. The finished product has lots of visual interest and a professional polish. Jenn also created a blog for me using Wordpress so that we can share the project with far-away family. I would definitely use Jenn for future projects (large and small) and recommend her to others."
Glenda A. - Design Client

"Good working w/ Jenn. She helped me purchase a mini Mac and spent time patiently teaching me how to use it. She also was able to load windows on my Mac because I needed it to do billing for a client's insurance company which did not have a compatible program for Mac. Jenn was also willing to work within my budget. Jenn is also flexible and even cat sat for me when I was in a jam."
Eileen T. - Tech Support Client

"[Jenn] has demonstrated great skill in both graphic design and as a reviewer of written materials (primarily as editor; grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, etc). High work ethic and enthusiasm."
Juan V. - Design Client