Three "Can't Lose" Investments That Could Save Your Retirement

According to a study by the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College, nearly one-third of Baby Boomers who are 51 or older could face a 'poverty stricken' retirement… an even more startling survey by Hartford Financial Services Group shows seven out of 10 workers age 45 or more actually anticipate this will happen to them.

But it gets worse…

With Social Security paying a pittance… the real estate market in a horrible tailspin… pensions drying up… the government going broke… and the markets see-sawing back and forth on global credit worries… millions of retirees are waking up to a harsh reality.

The portfolios they expected to get them through their golden years are getting decimated… Right now investors are seeing their portfolios dwindle by the day… and this is especially dangerous for those at or near retirement age.

So what can you do if you're staring down retirement and looking to maximize your savings without taking on even an ounce of risk?

There are certain types of opportunities that offer the best of both worlds: superior rates of return and virtually no risk.

They’re what we call “can’t lose” investments.

In this special report, we give you three opportunities with the potential for outsized returns while keeping your principal fully protected. Each was hand-selected by our panel of experts under the leadership of Investment Director Alexander Green. It’s the ultimate playbook for navigating this treacherous market... and still coming out a winner.

"Can't Lose" Pick #1:
Barclays Equity-Linked CDs

Barclays offers a line of certificates that give you unprecedented downside protection and specialization to your investing preferences.

But what’s most stunning is the unprecedented payout potential for a CD.

These are equity-linked CDs that track specific indexes. If the index gains in the time between your purchase and the certificate’s expiration, it’s icing to your original investment. You’ll also receive an annual 2.5% interest payment on top of that.

Here’s how these CDs work. For example, let’s say your initial investment is $1,000. Upon the CD’s maturity date, you’ll receive a payment based on the quarterly performance of the index or basket of securities during the term of the CD.

That payout to you will be either the principal amount of your CD ($1,000) or the principal amount multiplied by the sum of 20 quarterly returns over the course of five years.

You’ll also receive “coupon” payments – which are basically interest payments with a different name – of 0.5% per year, equal to 2.5% for the length of the CD. And you’ll get this regardless of the index or basket’s performance.

Another perk about these CDs is the different kinds available to choose from. If you want to follow the S&P 500, there’s a CD for that. If you prefer to track the performance of global stocks or indexes, there’s a CD for that. If you’d rather track the gains of hard and soft commodities, there’s a CD for that.

But what if the index the CD is tracking performs negatively? What if the tracked commodities plummet in price?

The short answer to both: You won’t lose a penny.

You’re downside protection is guaranteed. If the index or basket it is tracking performs negatively, you’ll get every cent of your initial investment back. And of course, any gain made by the index is frosting on the cake.

Put simply, it is guaranteed cash in your pocket… no matter what.

Like the Citigroup Safety First Shares, these CDs are subject to the credit worthiness of Barclays. But in the very unlikely event the bank defaults on its obligations, you’ll still receive your CD’s principal of $1,000 back, thanks to FDIC insurance.

Barclays has a rotating menu of these CDs that changes every month. However, these CDs aren’t traded on a public exchange. Talk to a broker or advisor to know what’s available and how to get them.

Action to Take: Buy Barclays equity-linked CDs.

"Can't Lose" Pick #2:
EverBank MarketSafe CDs

Gold and silver were valuable long before there were stock markets and official currencies. And coincidentally, it could be argued that the advent of stock markets and currencies made gold and silver more valuable.

That’s because when stock markets tank and currencies crumble, investors flock to gold and silver time again. The metals’ track records for safety during economic turbulence speak for themselves. Not surprisingly, the annual gains on precious metals most certainly beat the S&P 500 during the 2008-2009 financial crisis.

But even now, a number of factors argue for further gains in gold and silver:
Governments around the world, are enacting stimulus measures which have a tendency to devalue paper currencies and raise fears about inflation.
Economic growth is creating a middle class in China and India, where ownership of physical gold is a cultural tradition, not to mention an interest in buying other products or services where gold is a key component, such as jewelry, art, cellphones or even dental services.
A plethora of economic forecasters say the real global economic crash hasn’t even happened yet. It doesn’t matter if that’s true or not. Some people believe it and are stocking up on precious metals.
New deposits of high-grade gold ore are getting harder and harder to find. And we all know what a lack of new supply in the face of rising demand can do to commodity prices.
Full Metal Jacket

If there’s one thing confusing to investors, it’s the overload of choices regarding precious metals. Gold or silver? And what form: coins, bars ETFs or mining stocks? In short, it’s hard for most investor’s to judge the potential volatility and risk involved.

That’s where EverBank steps in… and eliminates the downside volatility and all the risk with its MarketSafe CDs.

Everbank’s MarketSafe CDs offer you an opportunity to participate in specific markets and realize potential market-driven returns at maturity with the confidence that your deposited principal is 100% protected.

EverBank’s precious metals-linked MarketSafe CDs allow investors an easy way to tap the profit potential of gold, silver or a basket of diversified metals while simultaneously eliminating market risk.

What separates these instruments from the rest of the pack are EverBank’s unequaled benefits. With your MarketSafe CD, you get these unique characteristics:
100% principal protection
FDIC insurance
Zero account fees
A higher earning potential than traditional CDs
A low minimum balance of $1,500
Flexible lengths of maturity – ranging from 13 weeks to 5 years
These CDs combine the financial security offered by traditional CDs with the potential for market-driven returns. And it does so all while guaranteeing that your hard-earned deposited principal is 100% protected.

In fact, you can even choose from other CDs linked to stock-market indexes: the S&P 500, the BRIC countries, Japanese REITS, you name it. With all options, it works the same: MarketSafe CDs deliver returns based on the average price or point-to-point performance of selected indexes.

EverBank also gives you the option to open a MarketSafe CD as an IRA to gain exposure to a market while shielding your returns from current taxes.

EverBank’s CDs keep safe investing from being boring and ultra-conservative. They allow you to indulge in your sometimes guilty but risky pleasures such as currencies or emerging markets without taking on excessive risk... If those indexes go down, you still have your principal.

You don’t lose.

That’s why it’s no coincidence that investors are seeking them out more than ever. We think you should too.

Action to Take: Call EverBank Concierge at 866.343.0560 or email them at: and tell them you are interested in finding out more about their MarketSafe CDs. You can also go directly to their ebsite to learn more about these offerings:

"Can't Lose" Pick #3:
Jackson National Variable Annuity

How great would it be knowing you had a reliable income stream for your retirement that would last the rest of your life?

Instead of worrying about where those funds will come from, you could instead be conjuring up images of the fun you’ll be having. Annuities are the typical investment vehicle called upon to deliver such peace of mind.

An annuity is a contract between an investor and an insurance company designed to provide payments to the holder at specified intervals, usually after retirement.

It wasn’t long ago – 10 years or so – that annuities were fee-laden, high-profit products for the issuing companies. So it was no coincidence that both their sales volume and public sentiment were very low.

But that changed when Baby Boomers sought and demanded better retirement-planning instruments. The lifetime income stream and death benefits offered by annuities fit the bill. Realizing this, financial institutions and insurance companies alike had their collective moment of clarity – they decided to build true merit into a new generation of annuities and make a fortune meeting the investment needs of this untapped, massive pool of clients.

The following years saw the landscape of products change dramatically. Costs came down and benefits went up. Issuing companies now had a lower profit margin product to offer, but sales volume skyrocketed.

The result: The investing public has substantially better products to choose from.

Ensuring a Stress-Free Retirement

We’ve found that investors are a pretty fair group. They don’t mind if someone else makes a little money, provided they see a true value for what they’re paying. And this is the right context from which to view annuities since they do carry higher costs than mutual funds or other separately managed accounts.

But they also offer benefits and income the others cannot.

Understand that if your number one concern is the return of a future lump sum, you may want to look elsewhere. Annuities are designed to guarantee the generation of lifetime income and they are less efficient as future lump sum instruments.

One thing holds true regardless of what your retirement dreams are: In order to realize your dreams, you’ll need an income stream that will outlive you.

Remember, inflation doesn’t stop the day you retire. And for many people, the time spent in retirement will be nearly as long as the time spent in the work force, if not longer.

Annuities are excellent complementary tools for any investor looking to invest for maximum growth while still guaranteeing either a current or future income stream. These can be folks on either side of retirement, but we don’t see much value for folks not yet 50 years old.

Modern variable annuities are highly customizable. Depending on how long any individual investor might want to defer their income stream, or whether they want to guarantee income for just their life or also the life of a spouse, one annuity provider’s offering may be more suitable than another.

So we recommend you speak with only a qualified, impartial professional who can help you find the right fit for your specific situation. But let us give you one general example we think is particularly flexible and attractive:

Our “can’t lose” investment of choice is a variable annuity from Jackson National that includes a rider called LifeGuard Freedom Flex.

Here’s how it works…

Your investment tracks two values, the Contract Value and the Benefit Base. The Contract Value is determined by your investment performance, and the Benefit Base grows through both annual bonuses and periodic investment gain lock-ins. You can customize your LifeGuard Freedom Flex rider to pay an annual bonus ranging from 5% to 8% and to lock in your investment gains for future benefit calculations, either quarterly or annually. Simply put, if your contract value doesn’t grow in any given year, your benefit base will grow by the amount of the bonus you’ve selected. And if the markets rally, all your gains – which are not capped in any way – are locked in on whatever schedule you choose.

Said another way, no matter what the markets do each year, your future benefit base grows; it’s just a matter of how much.

Another benefit to these annuities is that you can customize your payouts. You can choose to have your income stream cover multiple lives, and you can even choose enhanced death benefits if that helps you reach your planning goals. Again, these additional options should be considered with the help of a professional. You don’t want to pay extra for an optional rider that really doesn’t help you, and you also don’t want to overlook one that does.

We also like Jackson National’s annuity for another critical reason – the investment choices. We tend to think of annuities for their insurance element, and we sometimes forget that they are also investments just like any other.

As such, you want as robust an investment opportunity as you can get. Jackson National is one of just a handful of providers that will let you, the investor, maintain complete investment control with unlimited upside potential.

Jackson National’s investment lineup boasts over 100 options and offers direct exposure to all parts of the globe. They have subaccounts that span well beyond the obvious market cap boxes and will focus on commodities, private equity, interest rate hedges and much more.

Action to Take: Call our longtime Pillar One Partner Jeff Winn at 800.432.4402 or email to learn about how a variable annuity might help you reach your goals.

The ideas presented in this report are simple, yet foreign to the large majority of investors.

That said, we invite you or your financial advisor to research these investments as we have. It’s our bet that you’ll arrive at the same conclusion as the super wealthy of the world.

These under-the-radar opportunities are legitimate ways to earn a sizable return without the anxiety and wariness attached to mainstream high-risk investments.

They will protect your principal…

They will cultivate your wealth…

They will change the way you invest.

*EverBank’s MarketSafe CDs are proving immensely popular. In fact, demand is so great that EverBank sold its entire 2011 allotment. EverBank tells us they will have more MarketSafe CDs available in 2012.
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