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Unified Storage Upgrade Program
Dear $[FNAME]$,
Are you disappointed with your current Unified Storage Platform? Are you experiencing inconsistent scalability, data management, agility, IOPs, and latency? SANS Technology to the rescue! We’ll give you the book value of your current storage array as a credit against a new SANS Technology array. It’s that easy to recoup your CapEx investment and learn why we are the top choice for Unified Storage.
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Why SANS Technology?

We started building storage to challenge the existing status quo. SMEs were overwhelmed by the big prices, proprietary architectures, complex offerings, and ownership costs of big storage vendors. SMEs needed storage solutions with powerful enterprise features, manageable by anyone, not requiring an IT department’s worth of people. We found the solution and it was Syneto - an easy-to-use storage which brings low manpower costs and the enterprise features of a high-end storage to small and medium businesses.

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What We Offer
  • Innovative Cloud-Enabled Storage Solutions
  • Intuitive Hybrid Backup
  • Secure Enterprise File-Sharing
  • Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • Unlimited Replications
  • All-Flash Storage

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Syneto Storage
Innovative storage offering cloud-enabled, clustered storage solutions for every purpose. From archiving to high-performance to all-flash arrays - whatever your needs, we have a solution to address it.

Features include:

  • FlexPool - hybrid storage pool
  • InstaSnap - easy backup and recovery
  • VirtualUnity - VMware integration
  • IntegriCheck - long-term data integrity
  • PowerCluster - high-availability cluster
  • VMBox - converged storage array
  • SpaceBoost - data reduction techniques
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"Upgrading our previous storage solution to Syneto gave us tremendous flexibility with our storage solution and saved us over 50% in total cost of ownership. The flexibility and price/performance benefits of the Syneto solution cannot be beat anywhere."

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