We Just Decrypted "Instant Messages"
on This U.S. Gov't Website...

And Now They Could Make
You Extraordinarily Wealthy...

Dear Reader,

Wall Street executives – those same fat cats that pulled in a record $20.8 billion in bonuses last year – are using an official U.S. government computer network to get even richer.

Their “scheme” involves a little-known Federal website... A place where officials and Wall Street executives can post special “instant messages” that often affect stock prices almost immediately.

Hedge fund managers, high net-worth individuals and Wall Street’s biggest players are using this intelligence to collect huge windfalls... before most of the general public has any clue what’s going on.

For instance...
February 10, 2010: Duncan Niederauer, a slick executive at a big financial firm, posts a new message on the website – indicating that a certain stock is likely to go on a big run. Seventy-five days later, he had personally made $251,000 thanks to this stock.
September 8, 2010: Thomas Mark, a director at a technology company, puts up a series of instant messages on the website, a signal that his company is poised to take off. Over the next five months, he raked in a total of $137,898.
And since 2009, Doug Bergeron, a very wealthy telecom executive, has posted no fewer than 15 personal messages on the site indicating moves in his company’s stock. In 2009 alone, he averaged a remarkable $2,785 per day thanks to this secret technique. That’s over $1 million for the year!
In fact, there are thousands of rich Wall Street executives making an extra six, seven, even eight figures per year thanks to the messages posted on this government website.

But here’s why I’m telling you about this today:

In the following presentation, I’m going to explain how we successfully decoded the “chatter” on this U.S. Federal website...

And why this intelligence could make you $2,374 in extra income each month, just like the Wall Street executives.

Harvard and Yale Study: Deciphering These Messages is “Extremely Profitable”

First, let me be very clear. There’s absolutely nothing illegal or even unethical about our accessing this Federal website.

In fact, Public Law 107-204 and the Freedom of Information Act sanction it. The specific details are laid out in Section 403 of the 107-204 rule, as I’ll explain in a moment.

Last year alone, we decoded the messages from this website to give investors realistic shots at literally dozens of double and triple bagger gains.

That includes oversize returns of 256% in 28 days... 447% in 48 days... and a stunning 549% in just 65 days.

And experts agree... our success was no fluke.

According to one Wharton finance professor, using the messages on this website, investors could see “abnormal profits.”

A Harvard and Yale joint study confirmed it can be “extremely profitable” each time you decipher a message on this server.

Other financial publications have reported comparable findings, including The Journal of Finance... The Journal of Portfolio Management... and a Ph.D. study conducted at the London School of Economics.

Surprisingly, most people aren’t aware this government website even exists, let alone its full internet address or how to interpret the “instant messages.”

But don’t worry about that.

Because just moments from now we’ll send you the first round of fully decoded information. You’ll only need to make a simple transaction, then sit back and watch your portfolio grow.

If you’d followed this plan last year, you could have seen overall gains of up to 2,849%! That’s enough to turn a stake of just $2,500 into a $71,225 windfall.

However I must emphasize: This opportunity is time-sensitive.

Several executives have just posted new messages on the website that could make them – and you – rich. So if you decide to take advantage of the secret I’m about to reveal, you’ll want to move quickly.

Here’s the full story, so you can decide for yourself...

Accurate Stock “Forecasts” From the U.S. Gov’t

There’s nothing particularly odd about the wall of concrete barricades or the armed guards protecting the entrance to 100 F Street.

SECAfter all, security’s tight all over Washington, D.C., and especially at U.S. government buildings.

But what’s held inside that building is quite unusual...

A specialized computer network where business executives and government officials post hundreds of messages naming stocks that are highly likely to rise in the next few weeks.

You’ll find information posted by rich Wall Street executives from all types of industries... From tech and pharma stars... to beaten-down transportation companies... and, of course, the top financial firms.

And here’s the thing...

With the correct “ciphers” – which we’ve developed – you can crack the sensitive information on the computers inside that building wide open.

And with the right information, you can start making easy money – perhaps even thousands of dollars per month – just like these business executives. Let me show you how...

Instant Message #1:
High-Tech Firm Spills the Beans for 134% Gain

In the summer of 2010, executives from a small tech company, Akamai Technologies, began posting a series of unusual messages on the government server.

First it was Director David Kenny. He posted a brief message on August 4. An officer at Akamai, Paul Sagan, posted another message just two days later.

And a third Akamai employee, Director Peter Kight, sent another message on August 11.

Obviously something was going on.

So we set to work decoding the messages. And sure enough, they indicated that Akamai’s stock was about to go on a big move.

We immediately sent out the decoded information to our subscribers. And here’s what happened next:
Like clockwork, between August 17 and September 14, Akamai Technologies absolutely exploded – just as we expected.

Investors could have seen an easy 134% gain in just 28 days thanks to the special play we recommended. That would have more than doubled your money.

And those three executives who all posted messages in a couple days? Well, David Kenny made $330,500 dollars, Paul Sagan made $197,700 dollars and Peter Kight made $527,450 dollars – all in about a month.

I can show you how to do exactly what they’re doing. And while you may not make $500,000 a month, you could end up making at least $2,374 per month. All you need is the decoded information they’re sharing on this Federal website.

I’ll tell you how to get it in just a moment. But first let me give you a couple more examples.

Because executives from flashy internet companies like Akamai aren’t the only ones tipping off coming stock jumps...

Instant Message #2:
133% Return From “Bank Shares”

Banking stocks weren’t exactly a “hot commodity” in 2009. Investors were still scared stiff by the financial crisis.

Yet that’s just when we noticed an especially odd message posted on the government website by Stephen Steinour, the Chairman of Huntington Bancshares (HBAN).

Steinour’s message indicated that the company was likely to report some fantastic news.

It was a clear signal that, contrary to the mood of the day, this stock was about to skyrocket. And we shared that information with our readers on April 27.

Sure enough, the chart shows what happened next...
Stephen Steinour, the executive whose message we decoded, made an astounding $691,860 after posting his information.

But because we had the information, as well, we were able to hand our readers an easy 266% gain in just 14 days with our special play. That’s more than tripling your money – in two weeks!

No wonder our readers flooded us with emails...

"I bought 1,000 HBAN at $2.79 on 28 April and sold them today at $6.02” said Jeff Kramer. “I look forward to continuingthe fun!"

Bob Geary added, "Last Tuesday I bought HBAN for $3.Today I sold half of it for $6.02, so now I own free shares.Life is beautiful! Keep up the great work."

Pretty impressive, I think you’ll agree. Yet decoding these instant messages can return even bigger gains...

Instant Message #3:
No Gambling Required for 273% Gain

Around the same time we made a killing on Huntington Bancshares, we decrypted some more instant messages on the government website.

These were about Las Vegas Sands – the owner of The Venetian Hotel and Casino and the Sands Convention Center in Nevada.

And what really got our attention was the fellow who posted them. He was a real big wig ... billionaire Sheldon Adelson.

Obviously if a billionaire was getting involved, we knew this was going to be important.

It was late March when we first noticed his messages appearing on the government site. A flurry of more messages from other Las Vegas Sands executives quickly followed suit.

Look what happened almost immediately after we decoded the messages:
From April 6 to May 4, subscribers could have captured a 273% gain in less than 1 month on this Las Vegas hospitality company.

No wonder reader Pete Bataglia wrote in to tell us, “I made a hefty profit on the Las Vegas Sands recommendation. Thank you for your insight.

And there were even bigger gains after that...

Adelson made an astounding$269 million dollars in a little over a year. That averages out to $689,309 a day.

Now I’m not saying you could make that much from these messages. Obviously, a billionaire has a leg up over the average investor.

But based on our experience using the information we’ve decoded, you could make an extra $2,374 every month.

How to Pull in a Six Figure “Salary” This Year

Why do I believe you could make $2,374 a month? Or even more?

Because that's how much you would have made by simply putting a flat $1,000 in every one of the special “instant message” plays we told our readers about last year.

It's that simple. All you do is follow these weekly moves and collect the cash.

But let’s say you wanted to step it up a bit... and put in $5,000 per recommendation.

You then would have banked, on average, $11,870 per month last year. That's the equivalent of a six-figure "salary" of $142,440 for the year.

And remember, you don’t have to do it by yourself...

We decode the message, send you all the important information and show you exactly where the potential for profit is.

So... what exactly are these “instant messages?”

And how can they predict safe returns of hundreds of percents in just a few months... sometimes even weeks?

Here’s the full story...

Why Try to Predict the Market,
When Insiders Can Do it for Us

Most people don’t know this, but it’s perfectly legal for insiders to buy their own company’s stock.

In fact, officers, directors and owners of publicly traded companies can buy and sell as much of their own company’s stock as they want.

After all, why would a high-level exec start or join a public company if they couldn’t share in its success?

There is, however, one catch. And it’s a big one...

They have to post their trade publicly with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) within 48 hours.

Once these big shots reveal their plans to buy up mass quantities of stock, investors usually start piling in over the following weeks and months.

After all, nobody knows the prospects of a company better than the people who run it. So if insiders are buying, it’s probably a good bet the stock is about to go up substantially.

But what we’ve uncovered – and decoded – is the website where these executives first post messages revealing when and where they are buying shares.

We can access these messages the instant they’re posted.

That way, we can get a crack at the biggest returns before any other investors have a clue what is going on...

Secure Only the Most Valuable Information

By decoding these messages, we can quietly “listen in” on the plans of insiders to see exactly what they are up to.

But turning that information into big winning stock picks, over and over again? That’s where the going can get tough...

For starters, there’s a massive amount of information posted on this website – as many as 57,000 “instant messages” a month.

That’s a whole lot of data for an average person to sift through. And to act quickly on? That would be nearly impossible – even in this digital age.

To make matters worse, a good portion of these messages are irrelevant, misleading, or just plain useless.

But that’s why what I’m going to share with you today is so valuable.

It’s a way to get only the important information – the kind that can hand you thousands of dollars a month... And a way to get it quickly – so you can take advantage before any other investors get the chance.

So how do you filter out the noise? How do you pinpoint the handful of messages with the greatest potential? The ones that could hand you huge immediate gains?

There’s really only way that makes sense.

You need an expert to guide you. An expert who can analyze the thousands of messages and select only the best picks and the highest-performing plays.

An expert such as my colleague Alexander Green.

Alex’s Secret Way to Beat the Market

My name is Jeff Yastine.

I’ve been in business journalism for over 17 years now, most recently as an anchor with “Nightly Business Report” on PBS.

I’ve had the privilege of interviewing leading business executives such as Sir Richard Branson, Michael Dell, Bill Gross and Herb Kelleher, founder of Southwest Airlines.

Today I’m the Editorial Director of The Oxford Club, one of the world’s most powerful fellowships of private wealth seekers.

One of the reasons I joined The Oxford Club Group was the chance to work with experts like Alexander Green. He’s the Investment Director here at The Oxford Club.

You won’t find many men or women of Alexander’s talent or integrity on Wall Street. He walked away from a prestigious position with one of the country’s leading brokerage firms – retiring from Wall Street at only 43.

Since then, Alex has been featured on Oprah & Friends, CNBC, National Public Radio (NPR), Fox News and “The O'Reilly Factor.”

He’s authored three bestselling books, and he’s been written about in The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, and Forbes.

recently wrote that Alex “has developed a dramatically successful record, expressed through several portfolios, since arriving (to The Oxford Club) in 2001.”

Dramatically successful indeed. Over that period – the past 10 years – Alex has led The Oxford Club to beat the total return on the Wilshire 5000 by 30-fold.

But here’s why I’m writing you today...

Alex is perhaps most proud of his remarkable Insider Alert service.

The Insider Alert
is a VIP research service tailored to help regular people like you and me use the same moneymaking techniques of Wall Street insiders.

Because what Alex has discovered in more than 25 years as a professional money manager, advisor and editor is simply this...

There is no better way to beat the market than by tracking insider buying – and legally riding their coattails.

Experts Know It... History Proves It

Insider buying is easily one of the best indications that a stock is about to go up.

Peter Lynch, the most successful mutual fund manager of all time, agrees.

There is no better tip-off to the probable success of a stock,” says Lynch.

Mark Hulbert, independent analyst and editor of the highly regarded Hulbert Financial Digest, says, “Investors can safely ignore [analyst] consensus and rely on [insider buying] alone.

And Wall Street legend Marty Zweig, author of Winning on Wall Street, says, “you’ve got an edge” by following insiders.

The only problem is... Most people already know this. When insiders buy, stocks can go up very quickly and it can be easy to miss the big money.

But that’s why Alex felt it was so important to demystify this government website.

By finding out first exactly what insiders are doing – before the average investor has a clue – we have a distinct advantage over anybody else in the market.

And to make the most of this short window of opportunity, Alex often recommends both a stock and an options play.

With options, you can make far greater returns than what you'd see on the regular stock trade – often in just a fraction of the time.

In other words, if you chose to, you can make even more money using options – much faster than the regular stock play.

And if you’re not already familiar with options, don’t worry.

With The Insider Alert, we’ll tell you exactly how to buy and sell each of Alex’s recommendations... what to say to your broker... how to make the most money... and much more.

It’s all paying off in spades for current subscribers. Just take a look at some Alex’s recent insider plays...

  • 235% gain in two months on Crown Castle...
  • 410% gain in three-and-a-half months in Motorola...
  • 244% gain in 67 days on 99 Cents Only...
  • 145% gain in four months in Republic Services...
  • 105% gain in one week on Inspire Pharmaceuticals...
  • 147% gain in 37 days on Southern Copper...
  • 221% gain in less than two months in Valeant Pharmaceuticals...
  • 680% gain in 90 days on Seagate Technology...
  • 646% gain in three months on The Hain Celestial Group...
  • 652% gain in 70 days on Lorillard...
  • And many MANY more.

Alex recommended each of these triple-digit winners to readers of his elite Insider Alert service.

He spent 16 years in the trenches on Wall Street, and another 11 years doing nothing but analyzing stocks and the businesses behind them.

He’s looked at literally tens of thousands of insider’s messages.

He knows what’s going to pan out. And, just as importantly, what won’t.

And the results, well... they speak for themselves.

Just look at the returns you could have seen from Alex’s recent “insider” calls...

Booked 163% in 43 Days

You probably already know that Barnes & Noble owns the nation's largest chain of bookstores. It also owns one of the web's most-visited websites, bn.com.

But you’re probably not aware of the insider activity that Alex noticed after it was posted on the secret government website last year...
What Alex told readers: In February of 2010, Alex wrote, “The real news concerning Barnes & Noble now is Ron Burkle. The billionaire loves the brand and has been a heavy buyer of the stock in recent weeks. He now owns over 19% of the company but has announced he intends to accumulate 37%, the same amount owned by Founder and CEO Leonard Riggio.”
What happened next: Alex issued a buy alert for Barnes & Noble on February 8. Just seven weeks later, on March 23, he told his readers to exit the play.
Fast “insider” gains: 163% in just 43 days.
And Alex was just getting started...

242% Returns in 28 Days

The proprietary analysis from Alex can hand you gains in all kinds of stocks. Oil... biotech... gold... even cigarettes.

Based in Greensboro, NC, Lorillard is America’s third-largest tobacco company. Their best known brands include Newport, Kent and Maverick.

And while Alex doesn’t advocate smoking, he won’t ignore a stock about to go through the roof...
What Alex told readers: In March of 2011, Alex wrote, “CEO Murray Kessler is certainly a fan of the company. He recently purchased 12,500 shares, an investment of almost $1 million, at just over $79 a share. He now owns 92,657 shares.”
What happened next: Alex issued a buy alert for Lorillard on March 1. Less than a month later, on March 29, he told his readers to exit the play.
Fast “insider” gains: 242% in 4 weeks.
You could have turned $2000 into $6840 with that one play.

Yet Alex has called even more impressive winners...

Stellar 256% Jump in 4 Weeks

Based in San Antonio, energy company NuStar has 8,417 miles of pipeline, 82 terminal facilities, four crude oil storage tank facilities and two asphalt refineries with a combined capacity of 104,000 barrels per day.

On December 22, 2009, Alex decoded a message about NuStar Director William Greehey. He immediately passed on the information to subscribers and gave the green light...
What Alex told readers: “Is NuStar about to shoot up? Director William Greehey thinks so. He recently invested over $5.2 million in the stock at just under $53 a share.”
What happened next: Alex issued his NuStar buy recommendation on December 22. Just 4 weeks later, on January 19, he told his readers to exit the play.
Fast “insider” gains: 256% in 28 days!
If you had placed just $1,000 in each of those three examples, you’d be sitting on $9,610 – all in less than two months.

If you had put $5,000 in each, you’d have $48,050. $10,000... $96,100!

With Alex guiding you every step of the way, raking in big gain after big gain from insider signals becomes almost... easy.

In fact, looking at these impressive results, you might even be wondering...

“Can’t I Just Do This Myself?”

Fact is, you probably could pick some “insider” winners if you really put your nose to the grindstone...

And if you spent about 10 hours per day analyzing the market, like Alex does – every day...

And if you’d done that for the past 25 years, as Alex has.

Then there’s the access to thousands of dollars in proprietary financial analysis programs, not to mention a full-time research staff.

How else would you wade through the more than 770 insider filings a day, or more than 16,950 filings a month, to find the one or two poised to soar?

But here’s the real problem...

By the time you’d found a winner... well... you’d be working with the same stale information that every other investor out there has.

With Alex’s proprietary system for decoding the messages posted on this website, it’s the only real way to get a leg up and make your move ahead of the crowd.

In other words: It’s an incredible opportunity to make the big money usually reserved for those “in-the-know.”

I think you get the picture...

Why not leave the hard work to Alex... and simply enjoy the fruits of his research and experience?

And don’t worry. That doesn’t mean we’re going to keep you in the dark on Alex’s expert techniques for tracking down explosive insider plays.

Quite the opposite...

Inside Alex’s Proprietary Screening Program

Let’s go behind the curtain to see exactly how Alex interprets the insider messages – so you can take them to the bank.

Key Insider “Tip Off” #1
– Alex is looking for large six or seven figure transactions. He doesn’t put much weight in someone investing $30,000 or $50,000.

After all, top industry executives commonly make so much money, tens of thousands of dollars is simply not that big of a deal.

So Alex looks for insiders buying hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars worth of the stock. That’s a reliable sign that they’ve got plenty of their own “skin in the game.”

Key Insider “Tip Off” #2 – Alex keeps a keen eye out for what he calls “buying clusters.” Rather than just one “Lone Ranger” insider, he wants to see not only the top executives but also lower level officers and employees buying – and the more the merrier!

Alex knows that when you see a broad spectrum of people at the same company buying – including the lower level employees – it means a lot of insiders realize the stock is selling far below its intrinsic worth.

Key Insider “Tip Off” #3 – Another factor Alex weighs is the track record of the insider. Some have a great history... and others don’t.

For example, John Sculley drove Apple into the ground in 1993– and his insider shares plummeted, too. Meanwhile, guys such as Doug Bergeron, CEO of Veriphone, just keep making winning calls over and over again.

Key Insider “Tip Off” #4
– Perhaps the most critical factor Alex looks at is what he calls “the divergence indicator.”

It’s pretty typical to see insider buyers rush out of the woodwork when some bad (but not TOO bad) news comes out. The stock price plummets and the insiders gobble it up. And sometimes that’s even enough for the stock to head upward again.

But Alex is scanning for exactly the opposite situation.

Let’s say a stock’s hitting new HIGHS... yet there’s STILL insider buying. That turns out to be an even better signal. Just think about it...

If they are buying at $20 when they could have bought at $15 a few months ago...

Well, basically the insiders are saying, “Sure, the market realizes we are good – but they don’t know HOW good we really are.

Those factors – and many many more – go into Alex’s decision on if, and when, to get into a play.

And remember, with Alex guiding you, successful recommendations and breathtaking gains could be yours for the taking just moments from now... for example...

Multiple Triple Baggers in Just Weeks

On November 16, 2009 Alex noticed L-3 Communications Director Robert Millard had recently purchased 10,000 shares, an investment of $731,400, and issued a “Buy” recommendation.

On January 11, Alex recommended his readers exit this play. They could have taken a 305% gain in 56 days.

Insider Alert reader, Owen Ulnis, didn’t seem disappointed to tell us: “I made 230% on L-3.Thank you.”

Subscriber Dr. Bob Wyatt did even better. “On L3 I’m up +411% (closed as you recommended with 411% gain today),” he wrote us.

Then there was Alex’s Bank of America play. Directors Robert Scully and Charles Holliday bought $491,000 – and $378,000 - worth of the stock in early November.

On the 15, Alex told his readers to get onboard. When Alex recommended his readers exit this play on January 17, they could have taken a 318% gain in just 63 days.

Insider Alert reader Rick Santos from Austin TX wrote to thank Alex: “Your recommendations are almost always right... your strategy has worked consistently well for me. For example with BKS, who can complain about a 125% gain or a 300% gain. Thanks for the GREAT work!

And Alex was just getting started...

His next play was a company you certainly patronize – NYSE Euronext – better known as the New York Stock Exchange.

In mid-February, Alex saw that CEO Duncan Niederauer had just purchased 25,000 shares, an investment of more than $600,000. Alex’s additional filters indicated the time to get in was now, and he alerted his readers on February 22.

The company almost immediately began a relentless march upwards. When Alex issued his “Sell” recommendation on April 13, his Insider Alert readers could have booked a 447% gain in 50 days.

As you can see, Alex’s proven techniques rack up winner after winner, over and over again.

Up about $3,200 today. Thanks,” writes Insider Alert reader, Jim Summers.

Elliot McNamara told us: “Sold HTE on October 23rd for $9.31 for a $666 profit, or 31% profit in two days.”

But Insider Alert reader, Joseph Kilwin, may have put it best: “Fantastic call on STX!! I made over 70%. You are right so much of the time I have all but stopped researching stocks on my own,” he said.

And now it’s time for YOU to get in on the action.

Here’s What You Get As a New Member...

When you sign up for the Insider Alert, you could begin booking windfall gains almost immediately. Here’s what you can expect:
52 weeks of Alex's insider alerts.
A password to access members-only Insider Alert information online.
Profit protection with trailing stops.
An investment research service with an extraordinary track record.
Since 2005, a $1,000 investment in each Insider Alert recommendation would have netted $153,000, not including principal! That's an extra income of over $24,171 each year.

This should give you everything you need to make thousands of dollars to supplement your income, grow your retirement portfolio, or just enjoy some extra spending cash.

So how much could such a profit-generating service cost?

One year of Alex’s high-end research regularly costs $4,995... a terrific value when you consider the thousands of hours of research and analysis that go into producing these big winners...

Not to mention the oversized returns this service has produced year after year.

But you’re not going to pay even close to that.

If you accept this offer today, you can get an entire year of The Insider Alert for just $995.

That’s not a typo or misprint. If you decide to join right now, you'll save a whopping $4,000 off the regular price.

But please keep in mind, this limited time offer ends at midnight on Monday, August 1st.

Once the deadline passes, this offer goes off the table. In fact, you may never again have the chance to get Alex’s VIP research for under $1,000.

And when you join his Insider Alert service today, he has something very special for you.

An Advanced Session With Alex

Even with his specific recommendations leading you to winner after big winner, Alex believes an informed investor is a more successful investor.

That’s why at an exclusive resort in Florida, Alex recently met with an elite group of his readers.

The purpose? To brief them on the most advanced techniques of his Insider Alert strategy.

Few have ever been privy to this information. But fortunately, his hour-long session was recorded by a professional video production team.

Attendees paid thousands to travel to and attend this exclusive event.

Yet when you join The Insider Alert within 24 hours of reading this letter, you’ll get instant access to this priceless intelligence from Alex – as his gift to you.

And to remove any possible doubt about whether this research service is right for you...

Our Promise to You

Explosive short-term profits aren't for everyone. We understand that.

That's why The Oxford Club has agreed to give you 60 days to try out The Insider Alert.

Use this time to test out his service... paper trade each move if you like... and see if you aren’t completely blown away by the results.

If, after 60 days, you feel for any reason this isn’t for you... You can simply cancel your subscription for an immediate refund (less our customary 10% processing fee.)

There's absolutely no additional risk in trying it. Think about it...

If you’d joined Alex’s Insider Alert last year, you could have seen overall gains of up to 2,849% – enough to turn a stake of just $2,500 into a $71,225 windfall.

And you could have been among Insider Alert readers like Patrick Brown, who told us: “Thank you very much for your recent recommendation on Huntington Bancshares. I sold my position for a PROFIT of 396%.”

Yet Alex is planning on doing even better in the coming months.

And if for any reason The Insider Alert is not right for you in the end, you'll get your money back less the customary 10% processing fee.

I really can't imagine a better or fairer deal.

Simply click here to save $4,000 off the regular price of this VIP service... and get in on the coming wave of triple-digit winners.

Or if you'd prefer, call our Member Services Department at 888.570.9830 or 410.454.0498 and mention Priority Code: E786L999 and we'll process your order in person.


Jeff Yastine
Editorial Director, The Oxford Club
July 2011

P.S.: Remember, if you accept this offer today, you can get an entire year of The Insider Alert for just $995. But we’ll be raising the price by $4,000 at midnight on Monday, August 1st. So get in now, before it’s too late.