‘This is where all the money is getting made.’
Wall Street’s
$21-Billion-a-Year Crime Spree

Revolutionary Financial Forensics Reveals How
These ‘Crimes’ Could Legally Hand You An Extra
$5,000 – in as little as 30 Days

Here’s the Evidence...

Dear Reader,

This is the crime scene.

Yellow police tape blocks off the area...

Bleary-eyed detectives scribble in notepads... technicians crouch on the ground, dusting for fingerprints...

The flash from the photographer’s camera captures the chalk outline of the victim, drawn out on the cold pavement...

Take a good look at this victim.

You should recognize him... because the victim is you.

And this crime wasn’t committed in some dirty back alley...

This crime scene is on Wall Street.

If you’re saving in a 401(k)...

Or drawing from a pension fund...

Or if you’re investing in mutual funds...

Or shares of any exchange-traded company...

You’re being assaulted...

And the worst part? You probably have no idea what’s hit you.

Now, I need to emphasize something very important here – something I consider an even bigger crime in itself...

Nothing I’m about to describe is currently against the law...

Believe it or not, all these ‘crimes’ are considered legal, which makes them even worse in my eyes.

As I learned from years on Wall Street – just because it’s legal doesn’t make it right.

My name is Louis Basenese.

And I know Wall Street.

I’ve spent my entire life working in the market. I’ve seen what goes on firsthand.

I’ve worked as a highly paid consultant and as a Wall Street analyst. I even helped direct over $1 billion in institutional capital.

But I left it all behind.

Because I refused to turn my back on the outright crimes being perpetrated against regular investors every single day.

Instead, I founded an independent publishing group dedicated to helping individual investors protect and grow their wealth.

And after years on Wall Street, I can safely tell you...

If you’re not making enough money in the market – it’s not your fault.

Because this market has been set up against you...

Former Senator Ted Kaufman put it best when he stated, ‘We have an unfair playing field that leaves us, in effect, with two markets: One for powerful insiders and one for the average investors.’

Well, in this presentation, I’m about to show you how to level the playing field...

To put the market back in your favor...

To put money back in your pocket...

I’ll even introduce you to the man I’ve handpicked to investigate Wall Street’s most persistent crimes against you and your money...

The man who’s become my go-to ‘Financial Forensics Expert’...

He’ll show you how these ‘crimes’ could actually make you wealthier...

Legally, ethically, simply...

Because he’s uncovered evidence that these ‘crimes’ could point the way to the next eye-popping gains in the market....

Plus, he’s developed proprietary strategies to track down the next potential winner.

Strategies that could increase your wealth by 50%... or more – in as little as 30 days.

A $10,000 stake could make you an extra $5,000...

$20,000 could hand you an extra $10,000...

$30,000 could give you an extra $15,000...

Here’s how...

The Number One ‘Crime’ on Wall Street Right Now

The ‘Crime’ Scene: A luxury high-rise office building on Manhattan’s East Side... an office on the third floor.

Inside this office sits one of the biggest threats against you and your money ever devised.

Its purpose is simple – cheat you, and millions like you, out of your hard-earned money.

It’s a sophisticated computer system – one that’s constantly scanning the market looking for action...

Even more disturbing, it has the capacity to learn from what it sees...

And it can detect patterns in buying and selling... before they actually happen.

It’s just one of a multitude of high-tech trading systems cropping up in the market right now.

These lightning-fast computers make thousands of trades every second

And scalp millions of dollars in profits from individual investors every single day.

The fancy name for this kind of advanced technology is a ‘high-frequency trading’ system... or HFT, for short...

The New York Times calls high-frequency trading "... The hot new thing on Wall Street, a way for a handful of traders to master the stock market, peek at investors’ orders and... even subtly manipulate share prices."

I prefer to call it what it really is – financial assault and battery.

Estimates show that high-frequency traders beat $21.3 billion out of the markets each year...

Grabbing money right out of the pockets of investors – one penny at a time.

Like a poker player using a mirror to cheat a look at his opponent’s hand, HFT gives these high-tech traders a chance to sneak a peek at investor orders...

I bet you didn't know...

There are now over 80 officially sanctioned ‘alternative trading systems,’ or ATS, on-line right now...

An ATS is an electronic alternative to a traditional stock exchange.

By my count, there are around 400 high-frequency trading firms... using these ATS platforms...
And in a fraction of a second, jump in front and skim profits off the top.

Now, you may have heard about HFT traders before...

But you’ve probably never heard a single word about what I’m about to show you here...

Because to the best of my knowledge, this information you’re about to see, has never been made public before – anywhere...

A unique opportunity to make yourself richer – simply by tracking the evidence left behind by these high-frequency traders...

I’ll show you exactly how in a moment.

I’m sure you remember last years ‘flash-crash.’

On May 6, 2010, the Dow lost over 900 points, only to recover most of it just minutes later.

Estimates say the flash-crash wiped out more than $850 billion in market value.

According to the Securities and Exchanges Commission (SEC), high-frequency traders helped make the crash even worse...

The official SEC report into the flash-crash said, "...there was an unusually high level of ‘hot potato’ trading volume – due to repeated buying and selling...among the HFTs..."’

In fact, according to the report, in just 14 seconds, "HFTs traded over 27,000 contracts, which accounted for about 49% of the total trading volume."

Many individual investors, mutual funds and pension funds got screwed...

How? Because the rapid decline in share prices triggered a ton of protective stop-loss orders, which meant open positions on stocks were immediately sold.

When the shares bounced back again, billions were lost.

Of course, the computers that helped cause the crash were also there to scoop up the profits.

From where I stand, this is nothing but out-and-out robbery...

A mugging of the worst sort...

In His Own Words...

I’m the kind of guy that reads math books for fun. That can play with a spreadsheet for hours on end. Can calculate poker probabilities on the spot. I studied Game Theory... and I can dissect an ideal approach for games of strategy in minutes.

I enjoy trading stocks because the only way to win is to systematically outsmart everyone else.

You can only be right if others are wrong.

You have to find the slightest, tiniest edge through hours and hours of research to squeeze out a buck.

Stock trading is a giant competition... and I want to win.

When Louis Basenese started The White Cap Report, he snatched me away as his senior analyst... to use my unique blend of quantitative analysis and market fundamentals to help him root out the next big gains in the market.

WealthTronix, my proprietary trading method, is the culmination of a lifetime spent disseminating information, uncovering the secrets behind the numbers, in a never-ending search for the truth about making money in the markets.

Matthew Weinschenk
Except this time, it’s not some junkie wielding a knife... or a crackhead hitting you with a pipe...

You’re being mugged by some of the richest and most privileged members of our society.

Bankers, traders, high-tech engineers... all hiding behind a veil of secrecy while they rob you – and millions like you – blind.

According to William H. Donaldson, former Chairman and Chief Executive of the New York Stock Exchange, "This is where all the money is getting made. If an individual investor doesn’t have the means to keep up, they’re at a huge disadvantage.’"

Until now, there’s been very little you could do...

That’s all about to change.

I’d like to introduce you to the man I’ve asked to track down these high-frequency hoodlums...

And show you how to not just get even for these ‘crimes’...

But how they could help you to get rich...

He’s young... brilliant... and, most importantly, tenacious.

Once he sinks his teeth into something, he never lets go... until he’s uncovered exactly what’s going on... and how to use it to find the most lucrative opportunities in the market.

He’s already showed his readers quick gains of 66% in three days... 15% in one day... 55% in a month and half... 105% in 30 days... and another 105% in 21 days...

But as sweet as these gains are... what he just uncovered is nothing short of phenomenal.

His name is Matthew Weinschenk – and he’s an expert in financial forensics.

Matthew’s what they call on the Street a ‘quant.’

He’s a numbers guy... and a computer genius.

More importantly, he’s discovered a revolutionary new way to track high-frequency trading activity... and turn it into potential money in your pocket...

With little more than a click of the mouse.

You see, in every crime, there’s always evidence unseen by the naked eye.

Yet sophisticated crime scene investigation techniques can bring this evidence to light.

Ultra-violet light can reveal blood stains the assailant had thought were scrubbed away...

High-end microscopes can compare the smallest similarities in hair follicles...

Mass spectrometers can analyze even the tiniest molecules to reveal what experts call a ‘molecular fingerprint.’

Well, Matthew’s doing the exact same thing... only with the market.

"It is increasingly clear that there are quite a number of high-frequency bandits... who pump up volume statistics, front-run investor orders, increase transaction costs and hurt real liquidity."

– David Weild, former Vice Chairman of Nasdaq
Using his own proprietary methods and sophisticated computer models, Matthew dug deep into the seamy underbelly of these high-frequency traders...

And discovered something these Wall Street hot-shots and their high-end computers probably never thought about –

Their activity leaves behind clues, too.

‘Electronic fingerprints’... unseen by casual observers...

Evidence pointing directly to massive potential gains in the markets...

How Matthew’s discovery could make you rich

Believe it or not, approximately 28 smaller flash-crashes occur every week of the year... each affecting individual stocks.

Practically undetected, a stock will crash a dollar or more in price... and in less than a second, go right back to normal.

When a computer – one that can actually measure such occurrences – takes a snapshot, here’s what a mini flash-crash looks like...

This happened to Goldman Sachs.

That long blue line you see is a downward blip... that sent the stock from $161 to $158 in a micro-second – a move that went completely unnoticed by regular stock investors.

Yet, having analyzed numerous studies and reams of historical data, Matthew could recognize this occurrence for exactly what it was...

A fingerprint left behind by a ‘mini flash-crash’ – a split-second drop in the share price of Goldman Sachs caused by high-frequency traders.

Such a drop can trigger sell stop orders, sending some unlucky investors to the exits prematurely...

Fortunately, Matthew has uncovered a revolutionary new way for individual investors to play these split-second occurrences...

A way that could allow you to make some serious money from these mini flash-crashes...

In as little as 30 days after they occur.

Matthew put together a massive database of the biggest mini flash-crashes over the past year...

He then analyzed every single one of those occurrences...

Carefully noting each stock’s subsequent performance...

At first, it didn’t look like much. The data was a mess. There was no relation or predictable patterns to behold.

But soon, a clear pattern began to emerge.

After analyzing 1,508 mini flash-crashes – where stocks moved over .08% in under 1.5 seconds, encompassing over 31,689 data points – the results pointed to something startling.

What happens after a mini flash-crash could make you rich!

Because these stocks can shoot higher... much, much higher...

In the weeks immediately after the initial flash-crash ‘attack.’

Matthew showed me instance after instance where a stock was ‘attacked’ – only to come roaring back within 30 days.

Here, let me show you.

On September 29 of last year, the company SouFun Holdings (SFUN) was ‘attacked’ by these high-speed hoods...

And its shares crashed 6.42% in a matter of seconds. Much of which was completely recovered by end of day.

But within 30 days, shares had tacked on a full 50.3% in additional gains.

Here’s how it looked on the chart:

Of course, with hindsight being 20/20, anyone who bought-in right after this crash happened could have made a sweet 50% gain... and turned $10,000 into $15,000... in a single month.

The same thing happened to Delcath Systems (DCTH) – a mid-cap company specializing in medical technology.

On February 1, 2010, it was ‘mugged’ by the HFTers for a millisecond crash of 10% – a huge beating for a company trading around $4.30.

As happens in this kind of ‘attack,’ its share price recovered in the split seconds following the crash.

In 30 trading days, the company’s stock was up a sweet 41.42%.

But it wasn’t done there...

By April 26, about three months later...

This little company was up an eye-popping 228%.

If you’d been able to get in on this stock right after their mini flash-crash, you could have made a nice pile of cash.

$5,000 would have become $7,060 in just 30 days – a stunning $16,400 total in just less than three months.

That would have more than tripled your money.

If you could triple a basic $5,000 investment every three months – by the end of a year, your $5,000 would have grown to $60,000...

The only thing these stocks have in common is that they were flash-crashed in the same way... losing large percentages in share price in tiny fractions of a second...

And each time, came roaring back to reward investors.

The thing to keep in mind is this...

None of these price movements are visible on the daily charts.

You can’t see this kind of activity on Google or Yahoo! Finance pages.

And it never shows up in The Wall Street Journal. It just happens too quickly.

Put simply, there’s no way for the average investor to ever know these flash-crashes occurred.

Until now.

Matthew has devised a proprietary computer screening process that can help uncover these assaults, which gives his readers the chance to get in on fast-moving gains – before other investors even know what’s happening.

Here’s another example of a mini flash-crash.

On July 14, 2010, Mosaic Company (MOS) – a producer of phosphates and potash – was hit by a HFT ‘attack,’ sending shares plummeting in less than a second.

Matthews’s discovery may be the best way to predict fast gains in the market today.

Take a look at these top historical flash-crash gainers:
Stock Symbol 30-Day Gains AFTER Flash-Crash Attack
CAGC 107.24%
IDT 90.30%
CML 70.81%
ARNA 68.11%
MCP 66.29%
SFI 64.38%
SY 54.55%
SFUN 50.30%
MCP 49.34%
AIG 49.00%
TKS 47.51%
AIG 46.57%
RHB 46.06%
SSCC 45.76%
HUGH 42.02%
DCTH 41.42%
URI 40.66%
CVI 39.86%
SGEN 39.35%
MTW 37.88%
ANV 36.97%
PPO 36.63%
LDK 35.89%
ZNT 35.75%
ANV 35.58%
NZ 35.58%
ONP 35.22%
MFB 34.70%
HAL 34.31%
CALX 34.25%
MOS 33.96%
LTM 33.55%
RAX 33.38%
YOKU 32.19%
NOA 31.69%
MCP 30.75%
NFLX 30.37%
HOS 29.61%
ARO 29.17%
SNDK 29.01%
NOG 28.96%
SLW 28.89%
MED 28.54%
GTLS 27.81%
KRO 27.69%
PDC 27.39%
PDC 26.88%
NAK 26.68%
IMAX 26.55%
PL 26.40%
CNH 26.23%
NOG 26.12%
STRI 26.01%
BBY 25.47%
In 30 trading days, gains had reached 33.96%.

And by the following December, shares were up a total of 81%.

Matthew’s method aims to uncover these ‘attacks’ – and their potential quick gains – over and over again.

It’s a stock trader’s dream come true: To know ahead of time which stocks are most likely to take off... and how quickly it could happen.

Thanks to Matthew’s screening system, you now have the opportunity to peek into one of the most obscure back alleys of the market...

Some place very few individuals have ever been able to observe.

I’ve never seen such information before. Sure, I knew about high-frequency traders...

But I’d never seen the evidence trail left behind by these back alley cyberattacks on the stock market.

And now Matthew’s developed a way to track down these ‘attackers,’ and potentially use their crimes to earn safe, reliable returns...

After months of testing, backtesting and confirming all his data – Matthew is finally ready to unveil his proprietary strategy for exploiting these mini flash-crash attacks.

Matthew calls his process Flash Forensics.

And he’s about to reveal it to a select group of readers – for the very first time – as part of his premium trading research service, The WealthTronix Trader.

Look, I’ve seen a lot of systems come and go.

But Matthew’s new Flash Forensics is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.

By uncovering Wall Street’s hidden ‘crimes,’ Matthew’s developed an entirely new way to approach making money in the market...

And as far as I know, there’s never been anyone before who’s captured this kind of information – and developed a strategy to help pinpoint the next crop of impressive gains.

After compiling and analyzing reams of historical data, Matthew was able to see a clear pattern emerge. Take a look...
  • iStar Financial (SFI) – ‘attacked’ on November 1, 2010, for a loss of 6.58%. Thirty days later – UP 64.38%

  • China Agritech (CAGC) – ‘assaulted’ on January 26, 2010 for a loss of 11.22%. Thirty trading days later, it recovered a remarkable 107.24%

  • IDT Corporation (IDT) – ‘attacked’ on June 25, 2010 for a 7.25% loss. Thirty days later – UP 90.3%
And often, these companies kept rising even after posting a 30-day windfall:

  • Clothier Aeropostale Inc. (ARO) – mugged on Feb 4, 2010 for a loss of 4.4% in less than a second. Thirty days later – UP an impressive 30.54%... and two months later it was UP a total of 46%.

  • Polypore International (PPO) – kicked to the ground to the tune of 2.96%. Thirty days later – UP 36.63%. By the following July – it had soared UP a total of 126%.

  • Seattle Genetics (SGEN) – whacked for 4.3% on the morning of August 20, 2010. Thirty days later – UP 39.35%. By June of this year, it had soared UP a total of 79.6%.
These aren’t projections of gains to come... or of what might happen.

These are real life examples – all gains that came in the aftermath of a mini flash-crash ‘attack.’

Matthew’s Flash Forensics approach is designed to take the advantage away from high-frequency traders, and put it back in your favor...

Letting you ride on the coattails of their ‘crimes’ to potentially bigger, fatter gains – month after month after month...

Look, the big boys have been gaming the market for a long time now.

They’ve been pretty much getting away with it all these years.

And I doubt much will be done to change things in the future.

So rather than shout yourself blue in the face in protest of these ‘crimes,’ why not take a shot at getting rich?

Now, the fact that you’ve stuck with me this far tells me the kind of person you are...

Which is why I’d like to show you two other ‘crimes’ that Matthew’s been investigating... and how he’s been analyzing them to find the next serious money-making opportunities...

How the Rich Keep You Out of the Money

I call this crime ‘larceny-by-exclusion’... where individual investors are deliberately kept out of the biggest money in the market.

And the juiciest profits are reserved for a select list of ‘elite’ investors...

Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) can be one of the most lucrative – and fastest – ways to make money.

Right now, it looks like we’re moving into a period of IPO mania...

With a whopping 435 announced for just the next six months...

Unfortunately, you probably won’t be in on any of them.

These ‘IPO allocations’ will likely get doled out to bankers’ college buddies, over expensive Wall Street lunches...

Or they’ll be bartered with other investment banks in order to get special treatment in an upcoming deal.

Even if an investment banker is lucky enough to have a few shares to hand out when all his buddies are done, it ends up going to his clients with the biggest, fattest, eight-figure accounts.

Everyone wants in on the action because IPO shares can jump immediately when they hit the market.

Making millions for the chosen few participating.

By the time shares begin trading publically, the insiders have scooped up unbelievable gains...

Just because they were privileged enough to get in first...

And often, the margin between what the insiders get and what the outsiders get can be staggering...

Out of the 225 IPOs in the last year, here are some of the biggest gains – ones that most of us couldn’t even touch...

The following stocks saw the biggest discrepancies between the insider price and what normal investors could get.
Name Ticker IPO Date Offer Price (for insiders) Offer Price (for outsiders) Immediate Gain for Insiders (%)
Youku.com Inc. YOKU 12/7/2010 $12.80 $27.00 110.94%
ChinaCache International Holdings Ltd CCIH 9/30/2010 $13.90 $27.00 94.24%
Qihoo 360 Technology Co. Ltd. QIHU 3/29/2011 $14.50 $27.00 86.21%
LinkedIn Corp. LNKD 5/18/2011 $45.00 $83.00 84.44%
Zipcar, Inc. ZIP 4/13/2011 $18.00 $30.00 66.67%
Fresh Market, Inc. TFM 11/4/2010 $22.00 $35.00 59.09%
Mecox Lane Ltd. MCOX 10/25/2010 $11.00 $17.50 59.09%
MakeMyTrip Ltd. MMYT 8/11/2010 $14.00 $22.00 57.14%
E-Commerce China Dangdang Inc. DANG 12/7/2010 $16.00 $24.50 53.13%
Country Style Cooking Restaurant Chain Co. Ltd. CCSC 9/27/2010 $16.50 $25.00 51.52%
Xueda Education Group XUE 11/1/2010 $9.50 $14.30 50.53%

Look at the difference between what the ‘insiders’ paid for their IPO shares... and what the average ‘outside’ investor paid...

The insiders were able to make an immediate profit off the backs of the individual investor...

That’s money they made... just for being rich.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with making money.

What is wrong is that often these rich investors are making money... while the average investor has the odds stacked against him.

Here’s how...

Look at a stock like Zipcar (ZIP). In April 2011, ZIP went public.

Rich insiders got to buy shares for just $18.

Then, when shares opened in the regular market, everyday investors bought in for $30 bucks a share...

Giving the rich an immediate profit of 66.67%.
No IPO is more talked about than the initial public offering for social media mega-giant Facebook.

Estimates are that the IPO could fetch over $100 billion.

But you’ll never see any of that rich, fat IPO money.

Because Goldman Sachs has already handled the private offering.

And they’re keeping a very tight rein on every share.

In fact, even Goldman's biggest U.S. clients haven’t been able to get in on this one.

Because Goldman’s decided to only offer shares to their foreign clients... forbidding U.S. clients from participating in the initial offering.

Talk about exclusive!

Find out how Matthew’s IPO screening process could help pinpoint the next big thing in the IPO world... click here now.

But here’s where the real jilt comes in.

By June 9, shares had crashed to around $19.

The rich still had their profit... of about 7.5%.
Outsider investor – well, he got shellacked – taking a hit of 36% practically right out of the gate.

Or look at Make My Trip Ltd. (MMYT). It went public in April 2010. Insiders got in for $14. Outsiders got in for $22.

Instant insider gain: 57.14%.

However, by June of this year... MMYT had dipped to $21.92 – not a huge loss for the outsiders... but a loss nonetheless.

Any insiders still holding on saw a gain of 56.5%.

Who doesn’t want to get in on IPOs like Google that keep going up... hitting high after high after high over the long term?

But the sad reality is that the IPO game is rigged in favor of the richest investors...

Individual investors are left holding the bag, while the rich earn the biggest possible gains...

However, it doesn’t have to be that way...

Matthew can show you how to play the IPO game, and not get taken to the cleaners.

No, he can’t get you into the Facebook IPO...

But he can do the next best thing...

He can direct you to the companies best positioned to be the real IPO winners... after they open on the stock exchange...

There are five ways to separate the winners from the losers in the post-IPO game.

Each IPO files over 200 pages of financial documentation in its S-1 report.

Matthew meticulously combs through each one, sorting the likely winners from the likely losers...

Because no matter how hot the IPO is, only truly good companies can become truly good stocks.

Matthew’s meticulous with this S-1 research because he’s looking for evidence...

Evidence that supports an IPO’s share price... evidence that answers the following questions...

Is this company really worth as much as the stock price says it is?

Or is it an overpriced landmine, just waiting to take the legs out from under investors the moment they jump in?

In particular, he looks for....
  • Solid Annual Revenue. A good predictor of stock performance is the consistency of revenue. Matthew’s key threshold is $50 million for the 12 months prior to an IPO. Historically, research has shown that companies below that level underperformed the stock market – and those above it outperformed the stock market. Insisting on this characteristic alone could dramatically increase profitability estimates.

  • Profitability. Unlike the tech bubble of the 90s, more of today’s IPOs are already profitable. Rather than chasing pie-in-the-sky ideas, Matthew focuses only on companies with at least two full years of profitability.

  • Long-Term Growth Potential. Just ask these two questions: (1) Does the company meet an unmet market need... or solve a widespread business problem? And, (2) Does the company represent a first-to-market with superior products in a hot industry? Answer “yes” to either and you’re most likely good to go.

  • Insider Ownership. We want to ensure that management’s interests are well aligned with our own. How much of that company insiders own post-IPO serves as a fairly accurate gauge here. Bottom line, if insiders retain a sizeable chunk of the company post-IPO, the incentive exists to do exactly what we desire – increase share prices. Insist on 30% as minimum, but the higher the insider ownership, the better.

  • Valuation. For an IPO to rocket higher in the aftermarket, investors must be convinced they’re buying into the business at a bargain.
So it’s vital to know ahead of time what the company is worth. And the way to do that is to find out how investors are valuing the company’s nearest competitors... and the industry as a whole.

Of course, there’s more to it than that...

Matthew has identified a complete array of characteristics of successful IPOs...

Is the company revealing the intended use of the proceeds of the sale?

What are the particulars of the deal?

Has the expected share price risen in the last few days before the IPO?

Who is the underwriter – the investment bank bringing these shares to the market?

What is its reputation?

Do they only deal with quality companies?

How well have they priced IPOs in the past?

It’s all part of Matthew’s finely tuned screening process for making the most out of the IPOs once they begin trading on the open market.

Matthew’s exclusive IPO screening process aims to find the next cash cows... like some of the recent top secondary market IPO gainers...
  • 271.4% on Molycorp, Inc. (MCP)
  • 205.0% on hiSoft Technology International Ltd. (HSFT)
  • 173.7% on Youku.com Inc. (YOKU)
  • 169.4%on RealPage, Inc. (RP)
  • 167.6% on BroadSoft, Inc. (BSFT)
And keep you away from the dogs of the IPO market – losers like...
  • DynaVox Inc. (DVOX) down 66.4% from open
  • Mitel Networks Corp. (MITL) down 60.5% after open
  • China Hydroelectric Corp. (CHC) lost 54.3% after opening
  • SMART Technologies Inc. (SMT) down 44.1% from open
  • D Medical Industries Ltd. (DMED) down 43.4%
Matthew’s methods are based on studying hundreds, if not thousands, of IPOs as they hit the market... tracking how they perform... and sifting all that information into a practical, workable screening process for finding the next big gains...

Now, all this may sound intimidating... but you can rest assured, it’s actually quite simple.

Because Matthew does all the hard work for you.

It’s all part of his premium trading research service, The WealthTronix Trader.

The WealthTronix Trader is the only trading research service built and designed to help readers take advantage of Wall Street’s most persistent ‘crimes’ against regular investors.

It’s extremely flexible, too... able to adapt to what’s really going on in the market.

So as the big boys find new and more unusual ‘crimes’ to foul up the average investor...

Matthew will be right there, investigating their activities, uncovering the evidence – and coming back with a new and exciting way to play the situation, with the most profit potential.

Naturally, this type of opportunity is not right for everyone.

This is a unique, high-end trading research service... designed for investors looking for every advantage they can get in the market, and comfortable with the risks that could lead to extraordinary rewards.

This isn’t for the timid individuals out there, who just want to own some shares in a few companies... and are willing to give up a lot of upside for a little bit of safety.

The truth is, you can’t sit idly by and expect the money to come to you in this market.

In order to make real money, you need a distinct advantage over the other guy...

Because the other guy’s coming at you with a whole arsenal of advanced weaponry, just waiting for you to make a wrong move.

Now, I’d like to show you another area Matthew’s uncovered... where those ‘in the know’ are making a killing... and readers have already seen gains as high as 146%... 105%... 260%... and 118%...

Not All Insider Trading is Against the Law...

In fact, if you’re tuned into what I call ‘The Grid,’ it can help you spot the next big thing.

Some of Wall Street’s big money players have been quietly using an underground ‘system’ that lets them cash-in on the best – and worst – news about individual stocks...

While playing fast and loose with federal laws about insider trading.

The arena I’m referring to – The Grid – is like a lucrative playground for the most sophisticated and plugged-in traders and market players.

The Grid even sees action from some plugged in corporate insiders, as well...

Matthew has spent months investigating this area... doing the hard and dirty legwork to uncover key characteristics of ‘crimes’ in this market...

And he’s discovered of a way for average investors to legally get in on this action...

Every day, coded information is routed through The Grid... what’s hot... what’s not... what’s about to rise... what’s about to tank... where the big money is moving into... and when the big money is ready to jump ship.

As you can imagine, having access to The Grid – and being able to decode the messages being sent every day, could provide you with some pretty valuable information.

If you knew, in advance, where the smart money was going... before the rest of the market...

You could earn a fortune, in a very short period of time.

However, very few people have the ability to decipher these messages.

Fortunately for you, Matthew has cracked the ‘code’...

Specifically, Matthew has figured out how to tap into this sophisticated network, and use key pieces of data to help predict the next big gains.

Here’s how The Grid works...

Corporate insiders probably have the best intelligence about the companies they work for.

They see everything that’s happening... they often know all the good news before it hits the streets... and all the bad.

And sometimes, corporate insiders will act on what they know... by going onto The Grid and trading a large number of options contracts.

Such a strategy allows these insiders to essentially ‘control’ a large number of shares... and do it for a fraction of the cost of trading those shares outright.

Of course, if an insider acts on material information not available to the general public... well, then he’d be acting illegally.

However, that doesn’t matter to us... because on The Grid, it’s all just information.

Matthew has figured out how to decode this information... and get the news right out to his readers.

You see, when ‘in the know’ traders make hefty moves in the options market in a particular company, it flashes across Matthew’s computer...

And if the company passes Matthew’s strenuous vetting process...

His readers get the alert immediately.

Matthew’s insights into The Grid have led his readers to some sweet – and swift – gains, including:
  • 105% on IIVI calls... in one month

  • 105% on iGATE calls... in one month

  • 118% on Robbins and Myers calls... in two months

  • 146% on AMKR calls... in about one month

  • 260% on MSM calls... in one month

  • 66.6% in IRDM... in two days

  • 133% in UFPI calls... in three days
All thanks to deciphering the codes on The Grid.

WealthTronix is the most unique trading
research service in the market today...

I can safely say you’ve never seen anything like it before... a service designed and built to give the individual investor a chance to get rich off of Wall Street’s biggest ‘crimes.’

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  • Moneymaking Section #3Decoding The Grid: How the Secret Language of Insider Trading Can Make You Rich. This chapter shows you exactly how Matthew uses the code of The Grid to hand you fast moving profit opportunities in the options and equities market.

  • Plus, a special Moneymaking Section #4your ‘fast start’ guide: The WealthTronix Strategy Primer a quick introduction to the world of WealthTronix...
The WealthTronix Trader is the culmination of Matthew’s years of research in finance, the markets and computer technology...

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    These flash-crashes take place dozens of times every week... but Matthew’s methods aim to screen only those opportunities with the best upside potential... giving you the best odds of hitting a winner.

    Plus, Matthew will keep you up-to-date on any outstanding recommendations, including when to buy, when to hold and when to ‘take profits’ or exit each play.

  • IPO Alerts – details on Matthew’s analysis of the IPO markets, showing you what’s coming up, when to get in and for how much. It’s a simple process to help make sure you never get shut out of a moneymaking IPO again – by jumping into the lucrative post-IPO opportunities.

    Matthew’s special screening process assures you get all the details on the IPOs with the biggest upside – and avoid the dogs that crash in price. Naturally, great IPOs don’t happen every day – but when they do, you’ll know about it – before most other investors

  • Insider Grid Alerts – get the scoop on the fast-moving action in the equity and options markets, as Matthew’s insider Grid approach alerts you to real profit potential – by following the actions of ‘in the know’ traders and company insiders.

    As an opportunity comes across Matthew’s computer, he’ll run his analysis – and if it’s a go – you’ll get your action alert.
That’s three unique moneymaking strategies – ways that can put you light years ahead of average investors – the brave ones trying to go it alone.

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Matthew and I are so completely convinced that his Flash Forensics could be your road to immense wealth... the newest and only way for the individual investor to have a chance at making money off of HFT...

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September, 2011

P.S.The WealthTronix Trader is the first and only research service of its kind to give regular investors a shot at making consistent money off of Wall Street’s HFT crimes. Matthew’s Flash Forensics is unlike anything else I’ve seen in the business today... an unprecedented opportunity to tap into a major ‘crime syndicate’ for a chance to make an extra $5,000... in as little as 30 days.

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