For the first time, former nationally-syndicated
business news correspondent reveals...

Strange Market Anomaly Poised to Spark
"Year of Perpetual Income"

Stocks may tank... the economy might "double dip"... But the "Eisenhower Effect" could make some in-the-know investors richer than ever. Starting October 25, they could collect 82 extra income checks worth up to $1,501 each.

For only the second time in 53 years, a strange market phenomenon could – once again – generate historic gains for income investors.

The anomaly isn’t grabbing any major news headlines – yet.

But starting October 25th, investors can ride this rare occurrence to generate waves of large income checks.

Experts call it the “Eisenhower Effect.” You’ll see why in a moment.

What’s important now is how it could affect your wealth in the coming months and beyond.

Over the next year, investors will be able to collect 82 potentially enormous payouts... an average of one every 5 days. And it’s all, ultimately, because of this anomaly.

Imagine pocketing a freshly printed check for $176... $331... even $1,500... every single week... even as stocks crumble and Washington bumbles.

In fact, as you’re about to see, if stock prices tank, you could make even more money.

Even better, you can do it without risking even one dime in any kind of “hot” stock... or precious metals... or derivatives. And this opportunity has nothing to do with risky or complicated strategies like shorting or options.

No wonder Doug Cote, chief market strategist at ING Investment Management agrees, calling this an “opportune time” to ride this strange market anomaly.

So what is the “Eisenhower Effect” exactly? And how could it pay off dozens of times this year for income investors?

It has to do with a strange occurrence within the U.S. Treasury market.

The effect could enable Americans of all ages to collect an entire year’s worth of extra income... for virtually no extra work.

But the clock is ticking.

In order to take full advantage, you’ll need to take a break from the doom-and-gloom, the fear and the confusion. You’ll need to look very clearly at an opportunity that comes around once every half-century or so.

But before I go any further, please allow me to introduce myself...

The Secret Meeting that Led to this Opportunity

My name is Jeff Yastine.

For years, I served as the senior correspondent for the nationally televised Nightly Business Report. I’ve reported from inside the Wall Street machine, and covered every major economic event from the 2008 crisis to Hurricane Katrina.

Today, I’m the Editorial Director for the world’s leading investment-research organization. Based in Baltimore, we have more than 55,000 members in more than 100 countries, with a combined net worth estimated at $19 billion.

Our principal goal is to help our readers protect and build wealth despite the unsteady markets and despite the latest schemes out of Washington, D.C.

So when we saw the latest round of volatility looming ahead, we decided to hold a secret meeting in Washington.

We invited a former top analyst from the world’s biggest investment house – currently worth some $2.2 trillion. We had a former consultant to the Treasury Dept., who also represented the U.S. on the board of the Asia Development Bank during the first Bush Administration.

In addition, we pulled in the world’s top authorities in debt markets, technology, energy, infrastructure and more. We spared no expense, spending tens of thousands of dollars and countless hours.

We met in a private backroom at the Fairmont Hotel over the course of three days. Our mission was simple: to identify the single, greatest investment opportunity today, despite the tumultuous market conditions.

Within minutes of convening, our investment team revealed a remarkable discovery. It was something we call the “Eisenhower Effect.”

I haven’t heard anyone talking about this yet – not the Wall Street Journal, or Jim Cramer, and certainly no politicians in Washington.

But it could soon help some investors reel in mountains of worry-free income, for months on end. And it all starts on October 25th.

The “Eisenhower Effect”...
And How it Could Make You Rich

Since 1958, this effect has only appeared one other time. That was in 2008, right before the S&P nearly doubled in a couple short years.

In simplest terms, the affect triggers whenever 10-year Treasuries yield less than the S&P 500 index. We saw this “crossover” in 1958 then in 2008.

And now we’re seeing it again...
That means you can collect more income from an average stock each year than you would by tying your money up in 10-year Treasuries!

But here’s the question: How can you make enormous amounts of money off this rare phenomenon?

The answer, as you might have guessed, has to do with supercharged dividends.

Let’s face it. If you’re an investor looking for income these days, there just aren’t many options. Treasuries yield next to nothing. CDs and savings accounts can’t even keep up with inflation. Municipal bonds are in deep trouble across the country.

And that, as Smart Money reports, “leaves the stock market as the best place for yield hunters right now.”

Bill Gross, head of the $240 billion PIMCO bond fund family, agrees.

That’s why we created a special opportunity, reserved just for our members.

It’s designed to take 100% advantage of this unusual, historic situation in the markets.

When we ran the numbers and mapped out our strategy, we whittled it down to a handful of income stocks that stood above the rest.

We then created a portfolio from among these elite dividend payers... designed to provide you with a check every five days, on average.

We call this our “Perpetual Income Program.” And now more than ever, thanks to the “Eisenhower Effect,” it could well be the single greatest income opportunity in the world.

Take a look.
As you can see, you could make 446% more than a money market account and collect double the income as most other stock investors.

Fact is, this unusual strategy pays more frequently with potentially much bigger payouts than regular income investments or even “safe” options like Social Security.

Up to 82 Checks Each Year... From Now On

Just imagine...

Instead of running for cover at the next round of financial Armageddon, you sit down at your computer on Monday morning... and discover an automatic $113 deposited in your bank account.

Just four days later, you find yet another payout. Five days after that, another one arrives.

No matter what happens with the incompetent bureaucrats in Washington...

Whether or not the S&P makes good on its threat for yet another downgrade (in fact that could even be a good thing as you’ll soon see)...

No matter if France follows Greece in the debt crisis... or whether the Dow heads up, down or sideways...

The money just keeps showing up like clockwork... every five days. The checks can vary, anywhere from $176... up to $331... or $1,500 and even more.

With our “Perpetual Income Program,” you could collect as many as 82 checks in the next year starting on October 25.

Retired school teacher Paul Seeley of Ocala, FL has collected checks worth more than $4,704 so far.

70-year-old Mark Duncan of San Diego, CA, is about to pocket another check for $176...

Dan Whelchel of Butler, MO says this money makes up a significant portion of his income now. He’s on pace to make an extra $5,500 over the next 12 months.

Shreveport, LA resident Philip Rollins calls this investment “good for us retired people.”

So how can you take advantage of our group’s proprietary “Perpetual Income Program” to collect as many as 82 checks over the next 12 months... even if the economy continues to yo-yo?

That’s why I’m contacting you today.

Simply set yourself up using the strategy outlined below and watch the cash pour into your bank account... month after month...

The size of these income checks is entirely up to you. For example...

On October 25, Daniel C. is poised to collect $480

On October 31, Frank N. is set to make another $1,501

On November 15, Matthew C. expects at least another $500

On November 30, Alex M. is set to collect $47

On December 26, Stan W. expects a check for $672

On January 14, Carl P. is set to make $331

Now you too could position yourself to collect money on these days, along with dozens more throughout the year to explode your income starting October 25th.

Welcome to Your Year of Perpetual Income

Take a look at what your payout schedule could look like over this Year of Perpetual Income if you follow these simple instructions...

In January alone, that’s SEVEN separate payout dates and a total of NINE checks!

Regular payouts each and every month.

Jump ahead to May, and collect ANOTHER six payouts.

It goes on and on. Payout after payout.

While you’re doing nothing more than simply sitting back and watching the money pile up.

Of course these dates are only estimates. But the timing just couldn’t be better...

The Best Investment for Troubled Times

As soon as Standard and Poor’s downgraded the US, investors and hedge funds alike ran for cover. Surprisingly, where did they run? Straight to supposedly low-risk US Treasuries, sending prices way up and yields way record all-time lows!

Meanwhile, they sold off solid, dividend paying companies – shooting yields through the roof.

Not only that, but these companies are sitting on piles of cash. Despite all of the turmoil in the markets, they are poised to deliver record earnings.

In short, these companies aren’t just safe, their payouts could climb even higher.

And don’t forget, based on the best buy signal we’ve seen in 53 years, these dividend-paying companies are on the verge of soaring.

But that’s not all...

Dr. Jeremy Siegel, professor at the Wharton School of Business, conducted a study of stock market returns from 1871 to 2003. He showed that dividends have produced “... 97% of the total after-inflation accumulation from stocks... [while] only 3% comes from capital gains.”

Just look:
That bears repeating...

Dividend-paying stocks produced 97% of all stock market profits for investors for 135 years!

Only a paltry 3% have come from so-called “hot stocks.”

And other economists have discovered the same thing.

Kathleen Fuller of the University of Georgia and Michael Goldstein of Babson College looked at a different period – 1970 to 2000. After sampling 2 million individual returns, they found that during this 30-year period, dividend-paying firms have higher returns than non-dividend paying firms... especially during bear markets.

Here at our private research firm, our own group of experts took this analysis and turned it up a notch.

Sure enough, our research indicates that over the next few years, our “Perpetual Income Program” could outperform average stocks by 500%!

And during the next 12 months you could use it to pocket literally dozens of extra checks, worth anywhere from $176, to as high as $331... even $1,500.

Of course, nothing involving the markets is 100% certain. There are risks with any investment. But even MSNMoney agrees that with “climbing odds of a recession... dividends are king.”

And like I said, I’m not just talking about your average dividend-paying stock.

How to Start Collecting Your Checks on October 25

The key to the “Perpetual Income Program” is the frequency of unique, scheduled payments. Every investment was selected for maximum dividends – and the potential for huge, triple-digit gains, too.

What’s more, the payout dates work together to create a symphony of continuous income. Let’s take a closer look at some of these handpicked opportunities right now:

Keep in mind, all of the charts and data prove that right now, the average stock is your best bet for income.

But again... what about stocks that are better-than-average? Much better-than-average, as a matter of fact. Like this – our first Perpetual Income Play.

It’s a real cash generator, currently yielding 582% more than the average S&P 500 stock.

And thanks to a little-known a “loophole,” much of your income can be tax-deferred. Our estimated payout date here is November 21st.

There’s still another benefit to our “Perpetual Income Program” that I haven’t even mentioned yet. And that’s inflation protection.

As Tom Cameron, portfolio manager of Dividend Growth Advisors points out, "If dividends go up as fast or faster than inflation, then you're protected." And this next play certainly delivers...

This company has increased its payouts every year for 55 years. Last time it didn’t, Eisenhower was in the White House, Elvis made his television debut on the Louisiana Hayride, and The Lawrence Welk Show premiered.

You could collect your first payout on January 3rd.

This next play is essentially landlord to the biggest tech firms in the world – collecting $11 million in rent from Facebook last year alone, $3 million from Sprint, $2.4 million from Verizon, and even more from AT&T, Microsoft, and Google to name a few.

Then it turns around and redistributes this money right back to shareholders in the form of much-larger-than-average dividends. And you can join them in time for the January 16th payout.

For an added dose of protection in these unsteady markets – and a huge jolt of additional income – we decided to look elsewhere for our next two income payers.

This one U.S. News and World Report even agrees “may have the potential to generate a steady stream of income and add stability to a portfolio.”

Last year, shareholders received 12 monthly checks from this source. That’s more than three times the number of checks you receive from an average company.

What’s more, the underlying fund has also shot up 57% over the past couple years.

So even as you pocket your monthly checks, your account could keep increasing in value. Yet you never have to sell even one share to cash in on this growth. It’s the best of both worlds.

Fair warning though... The next payout date – October 31st – is rapidly approaching.

Every year since its founding in 1986, this fund has had a standard policy to pay investors a set monthly amount – currently 472% greater than the average S&P stock.

’s. Not only that, but since the bottom fell out in 2007, it’s ONLY increased payouts. But again, the deadline is fast approaching. You have just enough time to get in before the next payout date of October 25th...

Now keep in mind, these are just a few examples of the powerful income generators that form the crux of our proprietary strategy. Combined – and supercharged by the “Eisenhower Effect” – they easily could deliver 12 solid months of recession-proof income...

And it’s all detailed in our newest, free research report, The Year of Perpetual Income: Collect Up to 82 Checks in 12 Months.

In it, you’ll find out how you could collect your first check on October 25.

All we ask in return is that you try a risk-free trial membership in our elite group, The Oxford Club.

Take a Close Look at All We Have to Offer

Please know that we are not in the business of selling investments. Nor are we brokers or financial advisors. Our club was formed for one purpose: to ensure that each member grows substantially wealthier. Period.

We have no relation to any outside organization. Our recommendations are based on independent research and years of experience in the trenches – not backroom deals between corporations and brokerage houses.

That’s how we’ve delivered hundreds of profitable ideas to our members throughout the years.

Member Norma J. Warner says that we’ve helped her make $100,000 in the past few years.

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    The first week of February we’ll be hosting an exclusive seminar on the grounds – The Ultimate Emerging Markets Seminar: Beyond China and India.
And that’s just one of many...

In the next few months, our regional meetings, receptions and seminars will take us from Capitol Hill in Washington, DC... to the ancient streets of Florence and the mountains in Park City, UT... and more.

Our roster includes experts from inside Wall Street’s biggest banks... A Harvard-educated finance specialist who has worked behind the iron curtain of the U.S. Treasury... An advisor to the world’s largest energy producers and buyers... Special CNN and Fox Business commentators... a top economist who formerly worked for the CIA and taught at several prestigious universities, and so many more.

But don’t get me wrong...

You don’t have to travel to benefit from this extensive network. You’ll have plenty of opportunities for Member Exchanges through our Members Only website and publications. Plus we often record our private meetings and make them accessible to you as a member.

And even still...

Our research on opportunities like the “Perpetual Income Program,” private events and member exchanges are only the beginning. Because when you get down to it, The Oxford Club has one simple goal – to help grow your wealth...

How We’re “Paying” for our Members’ Retirements

We recently heard from a member, John D. And here’s what he told us...

“Thanks to The Oxford Group... I am having a very good year. At the age of 70, I have bought a dream house overlooking a tree lined canal with a boat to take great grandchildren fishing; and your group is paying for it!

And member Diane Marbach of Randolph, VT confirms...

“I love my membership... I’m a senior citizen, have no one to depend on but myself. And your help makes it so much easier to make life more pleasant by helping take care of me financially. Thanks again.”

It’s no surprise.

The Oxford Club has not just one, but an entire team of experts, working diligently to provide members with only the most profitable research.

Investment Director Alexander Green leads the team of financial gurus. He’s a 20-year Wall Street veteran from one of the world’s most prestigious investment firms.

The Hulbert Financial Digest – the leading independent rating agency for financial newsletters – has consistently rated Alex’s Trading Portfolio among the top 10 risk-adjusted portfolios in the nation.

I should also mention that right now, this same Trading Portfolio is showing an 87% win rate on our 15 open positions – including winners like 72%, 94%, 83%, and more...

Senior Analyst Marc Lichtenfeld is the Healthcare/Biotech Expert for The Oxford Club. He’s a former NASD licensed Senior Equity Analyst with Avalon Research Group and trader with Carlin Equities. Throughout his career, he has consistently beaten the S&P 500 and S&P Healthcare Index by a wide margin. And we’ve got him on our team.

Then there’s our Global Equities Analyst Carl Delfeld
. Carl is a Forbes Asia columnist. He served as an emerging markets consultant to the US Treasury and was an economist with the Congressional Joint Economic Committee. He’s also a former member of the U.S. National Committee on Pacific Cooperation and served as U.S. Representative to the Executive Board of the Asian Development Bank.

Our Senior Analyst for the Energy and Infrastructure sectors David Fessler has over 35 years experience as an investor in energy and technology. David’s regular Investment U columns reach more than 400,000 readers and his articles are widely syndicated. Seeking Alpha has listed him among its 100 fastest-growing authors by readership.

Commodities Specialist and Oxford Club Editor, Matthew Carr is a highly-regarded researcher and writer of the financial markets for nearly a decade. He worked with some of the most respected analysts in the oil and natural gas sector and served as a Government Affairs Liaison to the Federal Trade Commission.

With top experts with such vast areas of expertise, it’s no wonder that so far this year our average return on closed positions in the Trading Portfolio is 23%. Meanwhile, the Dow is down 0.37%.

Taking all of this into account, by now you must be wondering...

“Perpetual Income”... Endless Benefits...

How much does a one-year subscription cost anyway?

Normally, new members pay $149. Considering that just one payout from the income portfolio could cover more than twice that amount, I think it’s a bargain.

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    Our Perpetual Income Portfolio with all 14 open plays in the black.

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Like I said, we want to make sure every single member has the tools needed to live out the retirement of his or her dreams.

And now we’re making it easier than ever...

Our Limited-Time Offer to You

If you respond to this invitation today, you won’t pay $149. In fact, you won’t pay anything even close to that.

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And you can lock in this low rate of $79 – charged each year to your credit card – for as long as you want. We will never send you a renewal notice for a higher rate.

However, if you’re still unsure, then keep this in mind...

You have a full 45 days to decide if membership in The Oxford Club, our Ultimate Income Letter, The Club’s Communiqué, the Members Exchange, and all the mountain of benefits are right for you. If you decide they aren’t – for any reason at all – give us a call. We’ll promptly refund your money. But you still get to keep everything we’ve sent.

With nothing to lose and so much to potentially gain, I do hope you’ll take us up on this offer. This is truly a historic situation. It’s happened only twice in fifty-three years. And there’s only a limited window of opportunity to get in.

As soon as we hear from you, we’ll rush out your free report The Year of Perpetual Income: Collect Up to 82 Checks in 12 Months.

To join, call us toll-free at 866.415.8492 or 630.236.4624 and offer Priority Code: EOXFM999.  Or simply click the link below to order online.  Either way, just please make sure you respond right away so you don’t miss out on the October 25 payout. The deadline is right around the corner.


Jeff Yastine
Editorial Director, The Oxford Club
September 2011

P.S. You must get in before the deadline to qualify for your first check on October 25. And as you can see, there’s another deadline right after that one. I urge you NOT to delay.

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